Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack on Titan) – Episode 16 Review

Attention: If you haven’t watched the newest episode of Shingeki no Kyojin or any of the episodes, this following post might spoil the entire series for you. You can watch the entire series at Crunchyroll.

A Full Synopsis of Shingeki no Kyojin Episode 16:

Last week, we were introduced to the Scouting Legion. We learned that Hanji Zoe, one of the ‘mad scientists’ on the Scouting Legion conducted an experiment on two captured Titans named: Sawny/Sonny and Bean. Hanji explains that titans react differently in certain situations (in the dark, inflicting pain, and communication). However, the experiment was cut short – the two captured titans were killed. It was believed that ‘two’ soldiers were responsible for slaying the titans at night. Shortly after that incident, all of the trainees from the 104th Training Corps were investigated. The trainees’ 3DMG were all inspected, everyone is cleared and the culprits are still at large.

In reality, they’ve ended up helping the Titans…” – Armin Arlert

The trainees begin to think about which military branch they would like to join. There are three branches the trainees can apply for: The Garrison, Military Force and the Scouting Legion.

A flashback of the trainees is shown and is mostly focusing on Jean. In the flashback, a huge bonfire takes place and Jean talks about Marco Bodt. It is later revealed that this bonfire’s purpose is to dispose of the dead bodies from the Trost Titan attack. Marco appears and tells Jean he is perfect as a leader because Jean understands the weak and reacts with a quick impulse. This gives Jean the confidence to join the Scouting Legion.

“But not everyone is as eager to die as you…” Jean

Annie, Armin and Connie continue to discuss about their upcoming decision as a soldier. Annie and Connie want to join the Military Force. But Annie doesn’t like the idea of Connie joining the the Military Force and convinces him to join the Scouting Legion with the other trainees.

“If someone told you to die, would you do it? Then why not make your own decision?” – Annie Leonhardt

At the branch selection, Erwin Smith, the Scouting Legion Commander approaches the stage and persuades the trainees to join the Scouting Legion. A huge majority of the trainees leave and only a few remain to join the Scouting Legion. The remaining trainees are: Armin, Mikasa, Jean, Connie, Sasha, Reiner, Berthold, Christa, and Ymir. Once the trainees are accepted into the Scouting Legion, they meet with Eren at the old Scouting Legion Headquarters. This is where Eren realizes that Marco has died in combat in Trost.

The Scouting Legion is now preparing for an expedition to Eren’s basement. Inside the basement, the Scouting Legion believes that there is more information regarding the existence of Titans and would leave them to victory. In order to complete that task, the Scouting Legion must recapture Wall of Maria.

End of the episode.

My Insight on Episode 16:

Before I can give you my input, I will confess that I am a close follower to the manga – therefore my opinions might be a little stale. So please bare with me.

For once, this episode focused on the minor characters! (Not just Eren and Mikasa!)

First I want to talk about Marco. If you watched the new episode, you’ll notice that Marco occasionally makes an appearance. Why is that? Marco’s appearance in this episode was essential to Jean. It gave Jean the confidence to continue as a soldier and join the Scouting Legions. Marco also appeared near the end when the remaining trainees were given their new uniforms. Marco was wearing the new uniform as well – Marco’s spirit resides with everyone in the Scouting Legion. If Marco was still alive  do you think he would’ve joined the Scouting Legions too? (Jean would freaking love it, that’s for sure). I have a feeling that Marco will be playing a much bigger role in the future of Attack on Titan.

The bonfire flashback was great and brought tears to my eye. I noticed a soft side of Jean as he remembered Marco. It looked like Marco changed Jean’s perspective of humanity. But now that Marco is gone, Jean will do whatever it takes to fight for the Scouting Legions. I hope in the future (in the manga as well) that Jean is given a small squad to command. It would give Jean more experience as an active leader for the trainees in the Scouting Legion. (I can already picture it)

The second person I want to discuss about is Annie (I’m a huge Annie Leonhardt fan). Normally we don’t see that much screen time for a character like Annie but it’s refreshing to see her interacting with the other characters for once. Annie is the only top trainee that decided to join the Military Force. Isn’t it weird that Annie didn’t even think about joining the Scouting Legion at least once? I thought Annie would stick around with Berthold and Reiner but it looks like she isn’t. 😦 Also, I couldn’t help but frown as Berthold notice Annie leaving with the other trainees. Poor, sweaty, Berthold.

I also find it ironic that Commander Erwin asked the question, “Are you ready to die at my order?”. Because earlier Annie asked the same question to Connie, “If someone told you to die, would you do it?” If Annie heard that, I’m pretty sure she would laugh.

The Verdict: 5/5

  • A pleasant build-up episode that featured the minor characters. (A little more development on Jean, Annie’s mysterious personality and more on the other trainees)
  • Builds suspense for the upcoming episode (I’m so psyched for the next episode.)
  • Animation as always, top-notch
  • The pacing was normal

This is my opinion. You can watch the episode and judge the episode yourself. Let me know what you think about this week’s Attack on Titan episode.


  • Do you think Annie’s decision to join the Military Force was wise?
  • Will the Scouting Legion expedition succeed or fail?
  • Any ideas on who that mysterious titan is in the preview?

Let me know in the comments below. I will do my best to moderate the comment section from any spoilers.


I literally cannot wait for next week. I’ve been anticipating this arc for a long time now! What about you? What are you looking forward to the next episode of Attack on Titan?



3 responses to “Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack on Titan) – Episode 16 Review

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  2. The questions may be interconnected somehow. Let’s see… Annie’s decision was wise. The Scouting Legion MAY succeed. And that the mysterious titan, as we can see on how it looks like, may be similar to Eren – a titan shifter.

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