Loot Crate – July 2013 – Varsity Unboxing

Good afternoon everyone,

I have a special treat for everyone today. This will be the first LootCrate I will be reviewing for this website.

What exactly is a LootCrate?

LootCrate.com offers a monthly subscription to anyone in North American for a low price of $13 + shipping. Inside each LootCrate contains different themed goodies varying from edible candy to quirky, geeky merchandise. This month’s theme is focused on ‘Varsity’ to promote the upcoming second season of Video Game Highschool.


What is inside this month’s LootCrate?

As I mentioned earlier, the items you receive can vary in different boxes. So here are the listed items found in each LootCrate:

  • Star Wars Earbuds – (Jazwars +Lucasefilms Ltd.) “Listen, you shall” to the dark side of the beat with these earbuds crafted in a galaxy not so far, far away. There are four variants of the earbuds: Darth Vader, Yoda, Darth Mall and C3PO
  • Sonic Air Freshener – (Epic-Scents + Sega) Known as the world’s fastest hedgehod, Epic-Scents captures Sonic’s speed into a fragrance, called “Sonic Breeze”. With a fresh, floral scent reminiscent of a breeze in the Green Hill Zone


  • Video Game High School Season 1 DVD – 2 Disc Set (VGHS) – See VGHS the way it was meant to be seen! This theatrical cut includes all nine episodes laid out as a two-hour feature film with special features and bonus footage!
  • Marvel Pez Dispenser – (PEZ + Marvel) Show your love for one of these iconic comic characters and enjoy a tasty candy treat at the same time. Keep refilling them to snack on the go or keep it as a collectible item for your desk, you choose!


  • Video Game High School Button Set – (VGHS) Fancy yourself the best Axe Legends player or maybe the king of Overdrift? You don’t need to choose which specific school you want to show support for, we’ve included an entire set!


  • VGHS Stormtrooper Vinyl Sticker – (Danger Brain + VGHS) This is the high quality sticker you’re looking for! From Danger Brain, the creative team who designed the look and feel of VGHS, this trooper clearly is proud t have made it to the varsity team.
  • VGHS ‘Emergency Wireless Keyboard’ – (Danger Brain + VGHS) Take notes on the best tactics, tips & shortcuts for your favorite game! If you’re ever under pressure to document something, you can trust this, low tech backup and VGHS collectible!
  • Rocket Jump Vinyl Sticker – (Rocket Jump) Video Game High School is just one of the epic projects coming from Freddie, Brandon and the team at Rocket Jump. Their logo is one of the most iconic movies in gaming and makes for an awesome indoor/outdoor vinyl sticker. For extra bonus points name the first game the rocket jump appeared!



Cobalt’s Insight:

This is my very first LootCrate from this company and I’m very impressed with the amount of goodies in just one box.I was surprised that the LootCrate contained a complete Video Game High School DVD. This must be at least a $15-$20 value!

I haven’t used the earbuds yet, but here are the specs on the back of the box:

  • Impedance = AC 28 Ohms / DC 28 Ohms
  • Magnet = Neodynium
  • Max Input Power = 60mW
  • Sensitivity = 104 dB -/+ 3/ @1KHz
  • Frequency Range = 20-22000Hz
  • Speaker Diameter = 9mm
  • Cable Length 114cm
  • Plug Type = 3.5 stereo

Verdict: 4/5

Why a 4? I was ecstatic that my LootCrate came earlier than expected and everything seemed to be packed accordingly. However, when I opened up the Video Game Highschool DVD, I noticed one of the discs were not properly placed which resulted to numerous scratches. I tested out the scratched disc and it seemed to play perfectly fine.

If you want to purchase a LootCrate, visit their website @ LootCrate.com for a $3 discount code.


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