Silver Spoon – Review

Attention: The following post may contain some spoilers. / This review was published shortly after chapter 83 and episode 3 of Silver Spoon was uploaded.

Earlier this month, I promised myself that I would start reading different series other than the ‘Big Three’ (One Piece, Bleach, and Naruto). This goal wasn’t very difficult to follow because there were so many different series to choose from. The choices were virtually endless!

I started reading recommendations from the MAL forums and stumbled upon a new manga series written and illustrated by the one and only: Hiromu Arakawa. If you don’t know who Hiromu Arakawa is, Arakawa is widely known for her success of Fullmetal Alchemist. According to Wikipedia, (It’s a credible source in my book.) Silver Spoon was influenced by Arawaka’s own life experience on a family dairy farm in Hokkaido.

Short Synopsis of Silver Spoon –

Silver Spoon isn’t your ordinary Shounen series with the drastic build-ups or overpowered villains. Instead, Silver Spoon focuses on agriculture, live-stock and a slice of life mixed in the story. The main character is Hachiken Yugo, a 15 year-old boy enrolls to Yezo High School to escape from his family back in Sapporo. Hachiken believed that Yezo would offer a simplistic lifestyle in the country; but it was quite the opposite. The high school required the students to help maintain the live-stock, crops and school throughout the school day.

Once Hachiken became accustomed to his surroundings, he begins to realize that everyone in the school has a goal(s). Majority of the students in Yezo High owns a family farm and wish to inherit the farm once they have completed school. Other students wish to become veterinarians or work with live-stock. Hachiken on the other hand, has no idea what to do after school and decides to spend his time helping others.

My Insights and Reviews:

I’m a huge fan of Hirmou Arakawa and Fullmetal Alchemist. Yet, I wasn’t surprised that an author like Arakawa would transition from a militaristic story to an every day farming story.

  • The story is highly relatable to many people, not just highschool and college students. In a way, Hachiken reminds me of myself. I can never refuse a request when someone is in need.
  • The artwork is great and enjoyable to read. Although, some characters in Silver Spoon remind me of the characters from Fullmetal Alchemist. (Armstrong)
  • The characters are all have funny and unique personalities in the story. The best part is many of the side characters receive their fair share of character development. (even the horses? maybe)
  • The quirky humor and crack jokes is what makes this manga so damn amusing. The jokes aren’t cheesy and are never forced. You’ll often see different easter eggs and references from Gundam and popular locations in real life.
  • In my opinion, Hirmou Arakawa is the master of writing relationships. Arakawa makes sure that the relationships don’t take up 80% of the story line. Arakawa adds a subtle interaction between the two main characters: Mikage and Hachiken.

An example of  Arakawa’s quirky comedy.


  • If you’re a huge fan of Fullmetal Alchemist, you should try out Silver Spoon
  • This can be a snore-fest if you don’t take this manga seriously
  • There is an anime available for anyone interested to watch Silver Spoon! New episodes are uploaded on Thursday’s at



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