Naruto 641 – The Main Attraction

Attention: This post contains spoilers; so please read with caution. If you watch the Naruto anime only, I recommend you to not read this post.

Synopsis of Naruto 641 –

Last week, Obito Uchiha became in complete control of the Juubi’s power. Obito gained a new appearance (could be the final form) that resembles the godly-appearance of the Rikudou Sennin. Minato proceeds to attack his former student head-to-head. Obito uses the staff and begins to slice Minato’s arm off. Minato uses Hiraishin (The Flying Thunder God Technique) to escape Obito’s attack just in time. However, Obito outsmarts Minato and attaches a miniature Bijuu-bomb to Minato’s arm. Last week’s chapter ends with a cliffhanger of the miniature Bijuu-bomb detonating in front of Minato, Sasuke and Naruto.

Credits to i-azu for an amazing colored page. (Click on the image to be redirected to the artists’ page)

In this week’s chapter, Minato decides to take the detonating bomb and redirect it in a safer location. Tobirama appears and takes the spotlight. In a split second, Tobirama grabs the detonating Bijuu-bomb and preforms Hirashin to return the Bijuu-bomb to Obito. The Bijuu-bomb detonates and Tobirama appears behind Minato, Sasuke and Naruto. Tobirama explains to the group that he attached a seal onto Obito the last time Tobirama attacked Obito. Tobirama doesn’t appreciate that Naruto is completely clueless about Hirashin’s original creator (The creator is Tobirama).


On a different battlefield, Kishimoto moves the story’s focus on Madara + Complete Susanoo vs. Hashirama + Full body Wood Dragon. Hashirama isn’t pleased that Madara is in the way. As the battle unfolds, the remaining fodders on the battlefield notice the chaos Madara and Hashirama are creating.

Shikamaru uses this time to inform the rest of the army to stay patient for an opening. Shikamaru understands that their power may seem insignificant to the ‘monsters’ on the battlefield, the army can still contribute to the war effort. Temari notices that Shikamaru is taking an incentive and takes note that Shikamaru would be a great candidate for Hokage.


After the Bijuu-bomb detonates, Obito appears from the debris unscathed. Minato wishes to launch his new Rasen Senkou Chourinbukou Sanshiki attack to create an opening, but Sasuke and Naruto ignore Minato and charge towards Obito. Sasuke uses Amateratsu on Obito, but the attack is futile. While Naruto and Sasuke are heading towards Obito, Minato and Tobirama attach their own Hirashin tags onto one another.

Naruto and Sasuke create another Enton Fuuton Rasenshuriken to distract Obito for Minato and Tobirama. Tobirama preforms Hirashin behind Obito, while Minato blocks Naruto and Sasuke’s Enton Fuuton Rasenshuriken. Minato was used as a diversion to revert Obito’s attention back to the Enton FRS attack, allowing Tobirama to shove Obito closer to Minato and the Enton FRS. At this point, Minato and Tobirama preform Hirashin Goshun Mawashi (Instantaneous Swapping Thunder God Technique) which allows Minato to swap positions with Obito.

The chapter ends with the success of the Enton FRS. Also Hinata notices Naruto and Sasuke are smiling on the battlefield.

Click on the image for the artists’ Deviantart page.

My Insight –

  • It was refreshing to see teamwork in this new Naruto chapter, especially when Tobirama and the co.  outwitted the overpowered Obito.
  • Again, I enjoyed reading Naruto and Sasuke working together again. It brings back some Part I Naruto nostalgia into the chapter. (I hope you remember the teamwork in the Zabuza vs. Team 7 battle!)
  • Tobirama takes this week’s spotlight of the week. After the stunt Tobirama preformed with the miniature Bijuu-bomb, he outclassed both Obito and Minato. (In my opinion. I’m not saying Tobirama is better than Minato or the other way around — I respect both Hokage’s equally!)
  • I was looking forward for the Madara vs. Hashirama reboot. I don’t think Kishimoto really wants to revert our attention from the Obito vs. Tobirama Co. back to Mads and Hashi. Although, it would be great if Kishimoto would give use at least 1 chapter dedicated to the Mads vs. Hashi fight. 😦
  • I found Naruto’s stupidity  unnecessary in this week’s chapter. I cannot believe that Naruto had the nerve to tell Tobirama that he was ‘copying’ Minato. Thank goodness that Tobirama explained that it was quite the opposite.
  • I’m not sure if anyone caught on… but do you think Madara is stalling Hashirama for Obito? Either that or Madara is planning something in store for Hashirama and doesn’t involved with Obito right now? I found Madara’s change in character very strange… I remember a few chapters ago Madara was fangirling over Hashirama’s and wished to fight him. But now, it seems that Madara has calmed down a bit. There has to be something going on with Madara and his upcoming plans…
  • Hokage, hokage, hokage candidates every where! First we got Naruto and now Shikamaru. The Hokage candidate topic keeps popping out of nowhere! I can’t help but question the Hokage status. I feel that once the war is over, the ‘Kage’ system will be abolished completely and everyone will be united. Just throwing that out there.

Conclusion –

  • An alright chapter that showcases Tobirama and various teamwork skills
  • Obito is still overpowered, yet with the right amount of strategy, Obito can be dealt with.
  • Madara is planning something OR he doesn’t want himself and Hashirama to be involved with Obito
  • This chapter brings more questions regarding the ‘Kage’ system. Once the war is over, do you think the ‘Kage’ system will exist or will it be abolished under one Shinobi nation?
  • No Madara vs. Hashirama showdown



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