Naruto Shippuden Episode 323 – The Five Kage Assemble

Attention: If you did not watch this episode yet, this following post may contain spoilers.

Synopsis of Naruto Shippuden – Episode 323:

Last week, we were introduced to Madara Uchiha. The entire episode was dedicated to Madara and showcased his raw power onto the battlefield. After summoning 2 meteors, the Fourth Company has been wiped out from the battlefield, leaving only a handful of people alive.

In this week, Madara uses Wood: Style Deep Forest Emergence to finish off his remaining opponents. The Alliance is surprised that Madara possessed Hashirama’s Wood Style out of thin air. At this point, Naruto wishes to help out the Alliance but he doesn’t have much chakra available. Kyuubi is willing to give Naruto a portion of his chakra to stop Madara. Kyuubi explains that he would rather have Naruto control him than Madara.

“If I’m going to be controlled, I’d rather it be you than Madara.” – Kyuubi

With the Kyuubi’s chakra, Naruto uses his shadow clones to preform multiple Odama Rasengans to stop Madara’s Wood Style. Madara and Kabuto are impressed that Naruto managed to stop Madara’s attack and compliments Naruto. Onoki notices that Naruto used up all of his chakra and decides to fight Madara again. It is implied in the anime that Onoki and Madara crossed paths with one another.

Madara and Onoki yell at one another, discussing about the ideal purpose of the fourth war. Madara explains that if people wanted peace, they can happily accept it under the Eternal Tsukuyomi (Otherwise known as, the Moon Eye Plan). But before Onoki can stand up, he falls down and Gaara is there to support the old man. Gaara also wants to help Onoki fight Madara.

We shinobi are weary of all of this endless fighting. We’ve kept on fighting for the sake of our nations and villages.  Without a care about other nations and villages — we just take! We continuously take away; the cycle never ends. Hatred caused the three wars.” – Onoki

Back in the HQ, Tsunade wants to participate in the war and asks Mabui to prepare the Ethereal Transmission Jutsu. If you don’t remember what this jutsu is, this technique was used to transport objects at the speed of light. However, if the technique was preformed on humans, their bodies would be ripped into pieces. The only person that survived the Transmission Jutsu was the Third Raikage. Shikaku offers a different jutsu: The Fourth Hokage’s Hirashin. It is revealed that the Fourth Hokage was not the only person able to utilize Hirashin.

Mabui begins the Ethereal Transmission Jutsu — while on the other battlefield, Genma’s squad preforms Hirashin for the Fifth Mizukage. Genma explains that the Fourth Hokage was the one who taught Genma’s squad Hirashin. But unlike Minato, it takes 3 normal shinobi to preform Hirashin.

The Ethereal Transmission Jutsu was a success. The Raikage and the Hokage arrive to Madara’s battlefield. Judging from the scene, it looks like Tsunade used a seal and Creation Rebirth technique to heal her wounds. In a few seconds, the Mizukage arrives onto the battlefield. The Five Kages are now assembled and ready for battle!

As the Tsunade heals Onoki and Gaara, Mei and Ay proceed to attack Madara. Madara uses his Susanoo to protect himself from future attacks. Madara emerges from the Mei’s lava technique using the Complete Susanoo.  While Mei and Ay are dealing with Madara, Genma’s squad go after Muu.

Naruto insists that Tsunade should heal Naruto’s clone, but Tsunade quickly rejects Naruto’s idea. The Kage’s want Naruto to deal with the masked man.

The real Naruto headbutts the masked man and that is the end of the episode.

My Insight and Verdict: 4/5

  • Yeah, were back to the low-budget animation.
  • We’re finally at the beginning of the Five Kage vs. Madara battle. I’m guessing that this battle will stretch to about 2 more episodes. That’s fine, as long as each Kage get’s some time to shine.
  • When I first read this chapter a year ago, I was surprised that there were other people that can preform Hirashin.
  • Madara’s rape face at the middle of the scene was oddly strange and humorous.
  • Madara likes to compare anything with dancing. I wonder if Madara was a skillful dancer during his prime age.
  • I liked the fact that the Five Kages decided to take over the Madara fight. I respect Naruto’s clone, but the clone wanted to do everything himself.
  • It was great seeing Chojuro receive some screen time. It looks like Chojuro really changed after he left the village.
  • I don’t know if this was on purpose, but why is Mei’s Lava technique white? Isn’t that strange? I thought Mei’s lava release was originally red? Probably another hiccup on the animation team.



6 responses to “Naruto Shippuden Episode 323 – The Five Kage Assemble

  1. I really wanted this one to have a better animation. In the end, the assembly of the Kages had more impact in the manga than in the anime. Also, the headbutt between Naruto and Tobi was a bit… off, in some ways. Yeah, the Lava technique was weird as white and I had to laugh at Mei for “vomiting” it out for quite some time.

    • Ah, I wish the entire arc had the quality of last week’s episode. I will agree with the 5 Kage impact on the story. The assembly of the Kage’s pales to comparison to the appearance of Madara a few episodes ago. Imagine if the franchise devoted their time more on the actual canon episodes rather than the dull yearly movies. The episodes would receive an equal treatment.

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  3. i used to watch naruto shippuden on , but like 8-10 months ago they stopped putting up , i thought the show got cancel, is it still ONGOING ???!?!?!?!? I really wanna chatch up if so ?!

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