Silver Spoon – Episode 4 – Hachiken Bakes Pizza

Synopsis of Silver Spoon: Hachiken Bakes Pizza –

Mid-terms are now over and all of the students receive their scores back. Hachiken is one of the top students in the entire school, but isn’t proud of his scores. When Hachiken shares his grades with his classmates, Hachiken is surprised that many of his friends scored higher than him in other subjects.

Hachiken and his classmates are assigned to clean up a portion of the school. They find different items varying from random trash to a Colonel Saunders statue. Within the trash cleanup, Hachiken notices a broken brick oven left in a pile of trash. As Hachiken begins to research about the brick oven, Hachiken’s classmates are intrigued of the idea of creating homemade pizza on the campus. Majority of the students in Yezo never tried pizza before and want Hachiken to bake pizza for them.

Over the next few days, Hachiken devotes his time studying and searching for the right ingredients for the pizza. Hachiken was able to talk to other students on the campus to help him retrieve the ingredients needed for the pizza. A few days prior to the event, Mikage and a couple of members from the Equestrian Club help Hachiken repair the broken brick oven.

In the middle of the episode, Hachiken talks to Tamako’s brother (I forgot his name, I apologize!) regarding the future of Hachiken’s piglet, “Pork Bowl”. Tamako’s brother asks Hachiken if he’s ready to accept Pork Bowl as a piece of pork in the future. Hachiken shrugs it off and tells Tamako’s brother that ‘I’ll figure that out when time comes’.

On the day of the pizza party, a handful of students and the faculty appear. Hachiken is surprised that Shiroishi, his counselor, from his old prep school came to the pizza party. Once Nishikawa arrives with the vegetables, Hachiken and his friends begin to bake the pizzas.

The pizza party was a huge success! All of the students that attended the pizza party enjoyed the fresh-baked pizza! Even Shiroishi (Hachiken’s counselor) was very impressed with the pizza party Hachiken organized. Shiroishi explains to the principal of Yezo that Hachiken never created events like the pizza party in his old school. Shiroishi was happy that Hachiken is with a group of people he enjoys to be with.

My Insight: 5/5

  • Beautiful episode and my favorite so far. The art in this week’s episode was stunning, especially when the pizza appeared on the screen. The pizza looked so good to eat! Props to the animation team for doing a great job. Please keep up the great work.
  • Hachiken’s quality and true personality is being showcased in this episode: “Satisfying others, even it means to devote a lot of hard work in the process”
  • When Tamako’s brother mentions ‘Pork Bowl’s’ upcoming fate, Hachiken isn’t sure of the answer. I wonder what Hachiken will do once Pork Bowl is scheduled for the slaughterhouse..
  • Using the school’s resources was a very clever idea. Not only Hachiken received the ingredients, he became more social to others.
  • Again, I’m enjoying the funny humor and easter eggs throughout the entire episode. The humor balances it really well with the current story.
  • I liked how many students were willing to help out Hachiken prepare for the pizza party.
  • Remind me to not re-watch this episode with an empty stomach.

Of course this is my opinion. You can watch the episode yourself on



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