Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack on Titan) – Episode 17 – The Female Titan

Wow, wow, wow and wow.  After months of anticipation, the episode that I have been waiting for is now here — the beginning of the Female Titan Arc.

Synopsis of Attack on Titan Episode 17:

A month has passed after the induction ceremony and the Scouting Legion is now ready to begin the 57th Expedition Beyond the Walls. For the past month, Commander Erwin Smith and his men have planned a large scale expedition to Eren’s basement in Zhiganshina.

The Scouting Legion is now within Wall Maria, now a titan-populated territory. Once they’re in an open area, the members of the Scouting Legion split up and move to their assigned positions in the formation. The main trainees are shown in different locations of the Scouting Legion formation.

A red flare was shot in the air, alerting the rest of the formation that a titan has been spotted. By alerting the others, Commander Erwin will send a green flare pointing to a different location, guiding the formation where to go. This strategy was created to lower the amount of titan confrontations and guide the formation away from other obstacles. The strategy may look promising, but it actually contains many flaws and mishaps. For example, the flare strategy only work for regular titans because they’re very predictable.

On the left flank, Sasha and her teammates encounter an weird, crab-walking titan in an abandoned village. The titan frightens Sasha and moves the left plank farther away from the main formation. They were lucky enough to outrun the titan and return back to the formation.

Near the right flank, Armin spots a black flare. The black flare means an abnormal titan has been spotted and is required immediate redirection. Unlike regular titans, the abnormal titans are unpredictable and are very difficult to kill. Two Scouting Legion members spot the abnormal titan and decide to kill it. Their at a great disadvantage because they’re surrounded by plains. One of the men trip the abnormal titan and the other successfully cuts the nape of it’s neck. However, that’s the least of their worries. A blonde, female titan is quickly approaching Armin and his flank.

One of Armin’s teammates attempts to attack the female titan but fails. After killing Armin’s teammate, the female titan approaches Armin but doesn’t kill him. Instead, the female titan lifts up Armin’s hood to examine his face and proceeds to the middle of the formation. Armin takes notice that the abnormal female titan is an intelligent, titan-shifter.

“It didn’t kill me? It wanted to observe my face?” – Armin Arlert

Reiner appears and provides Armin a horse. Reiner and Armin discuss about the abnormal, “Dat ass” female-titan. Armin tells Reiner that he believes the Female Titan is a titan-shifter like Eren. Jean suddenly joins Reiner and Armin. They notice that the formation is now unorganized. Jean informs the two that the entire right flank has been compromised by the Female Titan’s army of titans. Armin believes that the female titan is after Eren.

“Was it the one with the nice ass?” – Reiner Braun

Armin devises a plan to stop the Female Titan. He suggested that if they had their hoods up, the Female Titan would not kill them.The Female Titan spots the hooded-trio and slaps Armin from his horse. Jean quickly reacts by using his 3DMG on the Female Titan. The Female Titan quickly covers the nape of her neck and is about to attack Jean in the air.

The Female Titan stops her attack as Armin yells something about ‘avenging Eren’s death’. Reiner rushes towards the Female Titan but is caught by the Female Titan.  The Female Titan crushes Reiner completely and scares the crap out of Jean and Armin. Reiner emerges out of the Female Titan’s hand, covered with Titan blood. He grabs Armin and the three of them flee from the Female Titan.

The Female Titan stares at her right hand for a few seconds and runs towards Eren’s current location. This marks the end of the episode.

My Thoughts:

I loved the Female Titan’s appearance!

After watching this episode, it should have been VERY obvious to figure out the true identity of the Female Titan. Let’s take note of the Female Titan’s current appearance in the anime: The Female Titan has BLONDE, SHORT hair and BLUE eyes.

The only candidates suitable for this description is: Christa Renz and Annie Leonhardt.

The most obvious hint was the Female Titan’s face. The Female Titan’s facial expression reminds me of Annie’s. Even the nose is shaped exactly like Annie’s iconic (LOL, it’s still very beautiful) nose. Annie Leonhardt has to be Female Titan.

Armin is the star of this week’s Attack on Titan episode. Armin used his impressive analysis and advanced strategic skills to create a conclusion that the mysterious Female Titan is indeed a titan-shifter. He was the first to realize that the Female Titan knew about her weak spots and killed anyone that attempted to cut her neck. At this point, I wouldn’t be surprised if Armin is able to figure out the true identity of the Female Titan.

I’m starting to like Jean as a character. He’s truly becoming a leader each and everyday. And good God, the character development Jean is receiving is astounding!

The last person I want to talk about is Reiner. Holy crap. This man and his witty remarks he decides to share in awkward situations. When Reiner was caught by the Female Titan, it was shown that he was crushed by the Female Titan.  Was that an error by the animation team? I really thought he was dead! But let’s focus on one particular scene of the anime:

Was Reiner emitting STEAM from his body? Is he regenerating? Foreshadowing, the titan’s blood or foreshadowing?


I’m curious of what others think about this week’s episode. Here are some questions I wish to share:

  • Do you agree with me on the identity of the Female Titan?
  • Why do you think the Female Titan is after Eren?
  • Who will stop the Female Titan and do you think she will be finally captured?
  • What happened at the end?

Welp. Time to re-read Shingeki no Kyojin before the next chapter comes out later this week.



3 responses to “Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack on Titan) – Episode 17 – The Female Titan

  1. This episode left us with a lot of questions.
    As soon as I saw her, I thought that the female Titan had to be Annie. If it’s not her I’ll honestly be shocked. I’m not sure exactly why she’s after him, but I’m expecting a fight between her and Eren in the next episode: Titan vs. Titan.
    As for Reiner, I have a feeling he is a titan-shifter… I mean, it definitely looked like he was crushed. Upon escaping for her hand he looked pretty injured, but then we see the steam and he looks perfectly fine. It could also be hinting at a theory I’ve had for a while now… About how the Titans came to exist and continue to exist…

  2. Reiner probably is also Titan. He write Eren position in the formation on the female titan’s hand. That’s why she looked at her hand after Reiner escape then changed direction to middle rear (Eren position’s in the formation).

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