Naruto Manga 642 – Breakthrough

Attention: If you haven’t read this chapter yet, this following post might contain some spoilers.

Synopsis of Naruto Manga 642 – Breakthrough:

Obito appears to be unaffected with the Enton+FRS combination from Naruto and Sasuke’s latest attack. It seems that Obito has gained God-like ability after becoming the Juubi’s Jinchuuriki.

Tobirama notices that Minato’s right arm stopped regenerating and believes that Obito is using a technique called, Onmyouten. Onmyouten allows the user to nullify anything that requires chakra or hand seals. By using Onmyouten, Chidori, Rasengan and even Edo-Tensei is classified useless against Obito.

Before leaving the battlefield, Gamakichi targets a Water Candy Canon directly to Obito. Gamakichi explains that he can no longer stay for a period of time. When Gamakichi leaves, Naruto notices that Obito was not able to stop the Water Candy Canon residue.

Naruto begins to draw chakra from the outside as Minato and Obito have another conversation. Tobirama quickly understands Naruto’s upcoming plan and waits for him to get ready. Once Naruto is ready with a Rasengan, Tobirama proceeds to use Hirashin and land the Rasengan on Obito. Minato and Sasuke are amazed that Naruto was able to land the Rasengan using Sage Mode.

At the end of the chapter, a dark shadow that looks like Kurama makes an appearance.

Cobalt’s Insight:

The Weekly Shounen Jump magazine will be on break next week. I do not know why, but there will be no Naruto next week. Just giving everyone out there a small heads-up!

  • Yes, this chapter was slow… But hey, we got some plot progression. Not a whole lot, but it’s something.
  • Obito is starting to remind me of Aizen from Bleach. All of this transcend from the ‘Gods’ and being superior than others makes sick to the stomach. We all get it, you’re strong – but sooner or later the main character will receive a power-up. If you read/watch Bleach, you’ll understand what I mean.
  • Thanks to the Onmyouten, Edo-tensei’s are no longer classified as immortal-beings. That means we will no longer see Tobirama and Minato using Hirashin and jumping around the battlefield carelessly anymore.
  • What happened to Hiruzen Sarutobi? Did Saru happen to die after being sliced in half? If so, I find this very depressing and funny. Poor Hiruzen, he really never got that much panel time.
  • It looks like Senjutsu is very effective. If ninjutsu doesn’t work, then doesn’t that mean TAIJUTSU will work as well? If it does, then that means Gai and Lee get some more panel time! Time to bring them up from the fodder section and let them use 8 Gates!
  • So it’s true that Minato never mastered Senjutsu. After gaining a contract with the toads, it would make sense if Minato learned Senjutsu.
  • Do you remember about the Yin and Yang? The Yin and the Yang are the complete opposites, but compliment one another. If Naruto has the Yang part of Kurama, then Minato has the Yin. It’s too early to figure out if the other Kyuubi is evil or not. What if this Kyuubi isn’t evil? What if it is?

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