Shingeki no Kyojin Manga – 48- Somebody

Attention: If you only watch the anime adaptation, this following post WILL contain spoilers.

Full Synopsis of Chapter 48: Somebody –

The Scouting Legion is now approaching closer to the Titan Shifters. This was due to Ymir’s reckless actions as she kidnapped Historia in the forest. Commander Irvin Smith splits the Scouting Legion and orders his men to allow the other titans to follow them. Yet, Irvin’s men believe it’s another dangerous attempt to use his men as decoys.

Armin notices that the Reiner is slowing down because of his armor. Armin thinks that if Reiner did not use harden, Reiner could have run faster than his current state. As they catch up to Reiner and the others, Mikasa is determined to recapture Eren. She is even willing to kill anyone that crosses her path.


Ymir pulls Historia from her mouth and she slowly begins to regain her consciousness. Historia finally realizes that Ymir was the one responsible for capturing her. Ymir pleads that Historia should go with her and live outside of the walls. However Historia doesn’t like the idea, she thinks that the titans would kill both of them instantly.

“Everyone has a fault or two. If you can just ignore that, they aren’t so bad!” – Ymir

Historia believes that Reiner and Berthold are responsible for her capture. Instead of being upset, Historia insists that she will help Ymir because she’s a friend. Ymir finally tells the truth to Historia — she finally breaks. Ymir tells Historia that she captured Historia to ‘save herself’ and to get rid of the fear of death. Ymir also confesses that she stole the ‘titan power’ from Reiner and Berthold. But Historia still insists that she will help Ymir.

“No matter what will happen, I will always be on your side.” – Historia

Eren, still tied up, suddenly regains his consciousness and realizes that the Scouting Legion is right below them. Several soldiers use their 3DMG to latch onto Reiner and attempt to stop him. However Ymir uses her titan form to stop any soldiers from recapturing Eren. Mikasa finally appears, cutting Ymir’s eyes; she then proceeds to Eren and Berthold. Berthold runs to Reiner and asks for assistance. As Mikasa points her blade towards Berthold, Reiner’s hand protects Berthold and Eren. Ymir interferes once again and Historia wants Mikasa to leave Ymir alone. However Mikasa shows no sign of remorse and moves on to Berthold and Eren.

At this point, the other Scouting Legion rookies join Mikasa. They want Berthold and Reiner to let go of Eren. Jean wishes to understand the two of them by questioning their actions. Mikasa does not want to listen to their excuses and simply destroy their existence.

“They are a plague of humankind” – Mikasa Ackerman

Berthold crys and explains his side of the story. Berthold admits that he does not enjoy killing innocent lives, but he did enjoy the time with the rookies.

Click on the picture for the artist.

Hannes alert the rookies on Reiner that there is an upcoming threat on the hills. Irvin and his men are leading titans towards Reiner and the rookies. This is the end of the chapter.

My Insight:

  • The pacing was alright. Although, it could be better.
  • I’m not buying Berthold’s sympathy story. I’m sorry Berthold, but I don’t think I can feel sorry for the trio. (An exception to Annie Leonhardt because she’s Annie.)
  • I understand that Commander Irvin is known to sacrifice his men, but the stunt he’s about to pull is reckless. At the end I noticed Reiner smiling as Irvin lead the group of titans. Is Irvin helping out Reiner and Berthold? I really never trusted Commander Irvin.
  • Armin get’s a little panel time analyzing Reiner and Berthold.
  • I respect Ymir and Historia’s relationship. It’s refreshing to see them willing to help another out.
  • I wonder if Historia will finally give us some information about the Wall Cult
  • I really thought Hannes would die in this chapter. Maybe next chapter?
  • That’s interesting that Ymir ‘stole’ the titan powers from Reiner and Berthold’s friend. Does that mean that Reiner, Berthold and possibly Annie are over 60+ years?



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